We attract and put the right people and management in place to execute our plans in a diverse meritocracy that demands excellence, initiative and courage. We provide indiscriminate opportunities for everyone to attain their full potential. We inspire our staff to develop themselves and take small everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for our Business. If you want to join the team, go to the contact us page and upload your resume, applying for the position/program that best fits your skill-set and qualification. You can also send your cv to careers@wallsandbridgesltd.com


Walls & Bridges Ltd., C21/7B Anioma Road, Agbara Industrial Estate, Ogun State, Nigeria.


+234808000194, +234808000195


On site activities

In 2008, the company’s vision changed from trading to manufacturing. The company decided it was time to go into full-scale manufacturing to develop and produce world-class products, creating sustainable employment for Nigerians in the process and to conserve the country’s hard earned foreign exchange used in the importation of these class of products.

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